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Equip BPO Services was established in 2020 to deliver premium service to global clients for financial products.

Equip BPO Services provides products and services to the mortgage banking industry specifically designed to streamline and enhance the entire loan process from origination and secondary marketing through the post-closing and servicing process including default management.

Equip BPO Services extensive network of experienced professionals work with clients to understand their current and future needs and provide flexible services and solutions that will enhance operations by maximizing efficiency and increasing profits both now and well into the future.

Why Choose Us


The pre-funding loan sample will be selected by the client from their ‘clear to close’ pipeline. The pre-funding quality control loan selection should include a sampling of loans with characteristics related to errors or defects identified in prior pre-funding and post-closing review results.


Our underwriters review the borrower(s) employment & income. They’ll look at an review all the types of income like Salaried – Base, Overtime, Bonus, Commission and Tip Income, Self-employed, Social Security, Pension/Retirement, Capital Gains, Foreign Income, Housing Income, Interest & Dividends, Notes Receivable Income,


Our underwriters review the borrower(s) bank statement to verify the sufficient funds for down payment and closing cost. Underwriter reviews the recurring withdrawals and large deposits and also ensures that lender/ Investor guideline is met.


Our underwriter thoroughly review the collateral documents like Purchase Agreements, Title Documents, Appraisal Report and Insurance etc documents to ensure that the property which is getting mortgaged does not have any issues

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