Loan Setup & Indexing

Our End-To-End Mortgage Loan Set Up Services

Loan Document Management

We oversee the collection, review and maintenance of all supporting documents, income statements, purchase agreements that are crucial for loan approval. Details like the certificate of eligibility, tax transcripts, home insurance policy updates and insurance documentation are necessary for the loan to be approved by the underwriter. We request for all the mandatory loan documents and initiate due diligence to ensure the accuracy of components that are necessary for the approval process. With our loan set up services and we provide complete accountability for the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided in the loan documents

Loan Packaging and Review

Our team of experienced mortgage experts assist your loan approval process by working closely with loan processors and loan officers to complete loan packaging. Completing a customer profile and facilitating loan packaging is a long and a tedious process. We enable the timely and accurate packaging of all loans originated by loan officers. We conduct a detailed review of all documents supplied by your customers and request for inaccurate or missing information during the course of the loan packaging process. Crucial details like employment status, eligibility status, home insurance policy and credit check statuses are thoroughly reviewed before it is dispatched to the loan originator.

Title Support

A detailed check of the property documents is paramount to the success of your mortgage process. Any lapses in the accuracy of information of the property such as, lawsuits, unpaid taxes, discrepancy in ownership details can attract unpleasant legal consequences and culminate in foreclosures. As a premium mortgage loan set up services company we offer back-office support to mortgage title review service. We thoroughly review all aspects of the title report to ensure that there are no problems at the time of title transfer.

Appraisal Ordering:

An efficient mortgage appraisal process plays a critical role in loan approval. Our team of mortgage experts liaise with partners to ensure that property inspection and report generation happen according to the turnaround times directed by established SLAs. We review appraisal reports to spot inaccuracies if any. This directly translates to accurate property profile creation and reduces the risks associated with the mortgage process. All details like property sales history, location maps and tax returns are thoroughly reviewed and maintained with this service.

Fraud Review

Our fraud review services will help you identify inconsistencies with the loan file of a customer. We assist the underwriter by incorporating preliminary fraud review steps in order to spot frauds early. By undertaking this activity, we outfit your mortgage process with a second level of security that helps uncover fraudulent activity with loans. We blend efficient industry standard practices, modern day CRM suites and a linear review process, to bring down the risk of fraud.

Why Outsource Loan Set Up Services To Equip BPO Services?

We have grown to be the trusted partner of many lenders because of our ability to provide unmatched levels of services. As a premier mortgage loan set up company, we bring a great mix of mortgage experts, state of the art technology and best industry practices to enable the transformation of mortgage activity. We follow a ‘no compromise’ approach to document verification and maintenance, so that all business-related risks stand eliminated. Looking for an experienced loan set up services to empower your loan origination process? Outsource loan set up services to Equip BPO Services for robust support with your entire mortgage operation.

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