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Freddie Mac pre-fund requirements QC audit to know if you are financing loans that are compliant with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pre-fund requirements

Are you financing borrowers who are thoroughly investigated? Is it difficult to keep up with the changing regulations in the mortgage landscape? By leveraging pre-fund QC audit, you can have peace of mind. When you partner with a specialist pre-fund QC audit company like us, the risk faced by your lending business can be lessened significantly. Since pre-fund QC audit is sought-after by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA, and other regulatory laws, you can save over 15% of the cost by choosing Equip BPO Services.

At Equip BPO Services Solutions, we spend the time analyzing heaps of applications with laser-like precision. Our experts will scrutinize each piece of document and ensure complete adherence to the latest guidelines. Our goal is to proactively limit the risk and accompanying liabilities that can impact your business. Choose Equip BPO Services Solutions and end your worries instantly.

Pre-fund QC Audit Support Services We Offer

The Pre-fund QC audit support services offered by Equip BPO Services Solutions will mitigate the risk that a lender is exposed during mortgage loan origination. Our services will help you uncover incorrect data, liens, and unpaid taxes (if any). As part of the pre-fund audit, we offer the following solutions -

Review of Loan Application

The reported information will be reviewed by our team with a checklist strategy. We will verify the name, loan repayment history, employment status, and other furnished data by evidencing documents and carrying out an investigation on the borrower's creditworthiness. If inaccurate or falsified data is discovered, we will notify lenders by flagging delinquent accounts.

Assessment of Income and Liabilities

The borrower's source of income and liabilities (if any) will be investigated to ensure that the there are no past liens and other grey areas that might land lenders in a legal tangle. With a clear title, W-2 forms, pay stubs, and bank statements the mortgage loan closing time can be shortened. To carry out pre-fund QC audit we turn to MERS so that we leave no stone unturned.

Quality Review in Underwriting

Even the underwriter isn't free from risks. We will closely analyze every source to understand the risk potential. By carrying out multi-level document verification strategy we will ensure that an underwriter deals with nothing short of signed and sealed data. We take great measures to prevent underwriters from approving mortgage loans to applications that are riddled with delinquencies and other compliance challenges.

Mortgage Appraisal & Desk Reviews

Mortgage appraisal is a key part of the pre-fund QC audit. Report compiled after the appraisal will be scrutinized. Being a world-class pre-fund quality control company, we will look for contrariety in the appraisal method. It is our goal to prevent disbursement of the loan amount that exceeds the fair market value of the collateral. With a sharp eye on mortgage appraisal methods followed by auditors, we will ensure that lenders can steer clear of delinquent accounts.

Federal and State Regulatory Compliance Checks

We are a pre-fund mortgage quality control audit company that is constantly on vigil about the latest changes in mortgage regulations and regulatory requirements. As part of the pre-fund QC audit, we will assess if mortgage documents comply with the latest GSE guidelines. In this way, you can reject loans that are non-compliant with GSE regulations and avoid further hassles. With the gated process, you can enforce strict adherence with all legal compliances.

Pre-fund QC Audit Process We Follow

We follow the process that is embedded within the founding principles of our organization. Our service level and competence are visible to let you be the better judge of our service quality. With pre-fund QC audit, the method we follow is straightforward and simple. The method is as follows -

01. Collaboration with the Lenders: : We will work side-by-side with your team to collect requirement and assess the list of documents that are already available. If there is a shortfall we will send reminders.

02. Verification and Validation We will check if the data has dependencies and discrepancies that must be resolved before it can be processed by underwriters

03. Report Submission: We will compile a report based on our findings and will include notes on discrepancies and other unmet criteria

04. Re-verify and Finalize Report: After a through and through assessment, we will compile our findings in a report for you to take the right business decision

Why Choose Equip BPO Services for Pre-fund QC Audit Support Services?

You can achieve plenty of advantages by outsourcing pre-fund mortgage loan audit. It will help you have a better client relationship, save costs, and do so much more with your existing resources. Here is a complete list of benefits you can avail by outsourcing quality control audit -

High Accuracy and Quality Service

Equip BPO Services a trustworthy partner to many customers because our Pre-fund QC audit support services are considered reliable and accurate. Our quality assurance team will revalidate the reported data to ensure utmost consistency with the mortgage regulations.

Short Turnaround Time

If you are time constrained leave your worries behind because we can deliver Pre-fund QC audit support services in a quick TAT.


When you outsource Pre-fund QC audit support services to Equip BPO Services you can take complete advantage of our scalable service. This is because Pre-fund QC audit support services can be customized based on the rate of loan applications that are queued for processing.

Pocket-friendly Pricing

Flexibility in pricing has been a key factor why our clients consider us as the first choice. The Pre-fund QC audit support services are affordably priced so that even small and medium-sized businesses can find the opportunity to grow.

Single-point of Contact

Our pre-fund QC audit solution comes with a single point of dedicated contact who will assist you personally so that you can get answers quickly and be heard by us without waiting in the queue.

Experienced Team of Pre-fund QC Auditors, and Mortgage Specialists

Our pre-fund QC auditors are industry veterans who have spent 10+ years in various mortgage functions.

Modern Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is geared to handle almost every challenge that comes in the way. We have a solid security, technology, and physical infrastructure where pre-fund QC audit will be carried out in spec with the mortgage regulations.

Round-the-clock Availability

You can contact our team on a 24/7/365 basis because we have global contact centers that are ready to handle inbound calls and emails anytime, anywhere.

Outsource Pre-fund QC Audit Support Services to Equip BPO Services - Leader in Mortgage Services

Equip BPO Services has stood by the quality of its services and our goal has always been enabling mortgage companies to get the best support while analyzing borrower portfolio. We have become a world leader in mortgage services within 1 years and we are still growing as we touch more clients in our journey. Our Pre-fund QC audit support services have touched more milestones than before because we have already penetrated the toughest market across the world and helped clients with technology and skill at an unbeatable price.

Connect with us to let us customize Pre-fund QC audit support services for your needs and budget capacity.


Get in-depth feedback and analysis of your mortgage post-close process and improve the quality of your mortgage life cycle with highly-reliable QC & audit from Equip BPO Services!

At the post close stage of the mortgage lending, does the high operating costs and changes in mortgage regulations concern you? Also, are you understaffed to perform an internal quality control review? When you work with a support service provider like us, you do not have to hire a special auditor to lower your total cost of ownership. Once the document is signed and sent, our team can conduct a full review to ensure that the settlement document is accurate and up to date with the latest coverage requirements.

Equip BPO Services is a trusted mortgage quality control company that provides cost-effective back-end support for mortgages, so you can send a clear loan document to the escrow service. We specialize in reviewing mortgage origination, HMDA and all other relevant legal documents while ensuring ensure the highest level of compliance to make sure that greatest compliance is achieved.

Post-close QC Audit Support Services We Offer

If you outsource post-close quality control services to us, we can move fully signed checkout documents between the origination within a short period of time. At the same time, we can perform integrity checks and quality control to fill the partial gaps in the documentation. Our post-close mortgage audit support services include the following list of services -

Review QC audit and credit documents

Once you have outsourced post-close QC audit support to Equip BPO Services, we will begin to complete the remaining formalities/processes that include the review of the credit file. We will review the completeness of tax records, modifications, UCC records, liens, trust rates, judgments, assumptions, etc. If all documents meet the applicable compliance and mortgage code requirements, we will further assist in the issuance of liens, assignments and final property rights policies. Our goal is to complete quality control and document reviews within the specified deadline.

Risk Evaluation & Data Integrity

Through high-quality testing software, we can conduct post-close QC audits several types of loan. Our ability in Fannie Mae, VA, Freddie Mac, TRID CFBP, and FHLB policies can assist lenders to recognize and offset potential warning signs and risks in the loan applications. Once the review is complete, our post-close mortgage audit support services can be customized to review all available information. These include documents for conforming & non-conforming loans, subsidiary liens, reverse annuity loans, etc.

Complete compliance verification

The mortgage industry is dynamic that brings and alters the regulations from time to time. Thus, as a mortgage lending company, you have to keep pace with the changing regulations. If you are facing difficulties to keep yourself updated with the changing scenarios of the compliance rules and norms, do not worry. Our post-close QC audit support services ensure that your customers' mortgage closing documents are up-to-date and fully compliant with all the mortgage & federal agencies.

Credit Analysis

After uploading the mortgage file to the file management system, we will carefully review the loan portfolio so that you have a clear understanding of the repayment ability. During the review process, we will carefully prepare a mortgage report on assets, income, and employment for a complete audit. We can also create a credit report that can be easily retrieved to understand the financial background of your clients.

Verification of assets and tax transcripts

We will perform a desk security check to see if the reported values are correct and compliant with MERS. Knowledge of the asset enables the lender to quote proper market value for the collateral used in the foreclosure. We can also conduct a secondary audit of taxes and property rights to avoid delays in payments.

Our Post-close QC Audit Support Process

The post-close QC audit process is simple and easy to evaluate and a safe option, especially if you want to gain cost and performance advantages. At Equip BPO Services, we follow the process elucidated below -

Summary of the claim (lender)

We will work with lenders to meet their needs and collect the customer mortgage data

Verification & confirmation

We will review the reported mortgage and asset records to verify for its completion and accuracy

Report submission

Our observations are summarized in a detailed report, it will provide the required insights for lenders to make the right decisions

Review & report conclusion

The corrected report will be re-examined to ensure that no process/step is skipped

Outsource Post-close QC Audit Support Services to Equip BPO Services

Equip BPO Services is a leader in providing high-quality post-close QC audit support services and a range of other mortgage support solutions to its international clients. We have extended suite post-close QC audit specialists who can offer solutions with a top level of scalability and flexibility that can also be tailored to your niche requirements. We have an in-depth understanding of US mortgages laws and provide our post-close QC audit support services to the exact needs of private lenders, investors, wholesale lenders, private mortgage company, and even service providers. We are constantly evolving and modernizing our processes to provide valuable service to our customers. Contact us today for consistent, efficient, and affordable post-close QC audit support services

  • Review title report for title transfer
  • Review title report for tax information
  • Review title reports for property details
  • Review title reports for judgement details
  • Review title insurance

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