Underwriting QC Support

Mortgage Underwriting QC Support

The Equip BPO Services underwriting quality control professionals can review decisions as well as documents processed by an underwriter. We will check the validity and completeness of the pre-underwriting so that your loan decisions can be made with accuracy.

Setting Up Loan for Underwriting

Underwriters in general spend about 2 to 3 hours on underwriting a loan, however about 50% of their time goes into to setting up all the documents in the loan, some data entry and validation before they start calculating income, reviewing assets, credit history and finally taking the credit decision. Equip BPO Services can help you increase the productivity of your underwriters up-to 35% by setting up the file as needed, performing data validations and running the file through a compliance checklist.

All the findings from our underwriting set-up team, is sent to your in-house underwriters so they can expedite their loan review and take credit decision in much lesser time. Our findings could also be shared with the loan processing support team as a feedback for them to improve the quality of files being submitted for underwriting.

We also specialize in providing UW Services.

Clearing Loan Conditions

Once a loan review is completed, we prepare and send 'conditions to close' to the loan officer. Clearing loan conditions is a crucial aspect of underwriting and involves the preparation of a list of documents (specified by the underwriter) that are needed to support the borrower's case. This includes updated pay stubs, purchase agreements, letters of explanation, and so on.

Our mortgage team checks to make certain that all requirements are fulfilled before issuing the 'clear to close' and final approval for the mortgage.

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